• Lullaby for a Princess is 10 Years Old Today

    Don't worry, I'm not going to start flooding the site with fandom works hitting anniversaries, but I think it's fun to have an overall celebration of what we accomplished over the last decade now that one of the biggest musical hits has reached such a huge milestone. Back then, we were brand new and a lot younger. The fandom was a full on wild west with talent from around the internet hopping on board and showing off their skills.

    A lot of these people have gone on to start major music, animation, and general video creation careers. Some are even big time Youtubers now. And it's all thanks to the swarms of early pony people that gave them a shot and loved it.

    Things have slowed down over time, but there are still people making huge strides even now, especially thanks to places like TikTok where both new and old MLP music regularly goes viral. Here's hoping we can show all the new people what the creatives we've appreciated for years accomplished over the last decade!


    Now go listen to some Lullaby for a Princess below for some nostalgia, or if you are a newer pony fan, discover one of the best songs we made back then~