• Fanfiction: Before the Rot Sets In



    Author: Impossible Numbers

    Description: For years and years, Grand Pear refused to go back to Ponyville, his pride utterly bruised by his daughter's choice. How dare she choose an Apple over her own kin! How could she do that to him, his own little angel, with her beautiful voice and the songs she learned on his knee?
    For decades, he never dared answer his own question. And it's not just the guilt that's creeping over him in his old age. Not anymore. He stayed away for too long and has let too much fester in his heart.
    Now his own wife WILL make him face the music. Pear Butter is no longer around to play. But it hardly matters, because old stallions can't dance again... can they?
    Before the Rot Sets In

    Additional Tags: Cursed Memories, Loss of Youth, and One Last Dance