• 26 of the Best Fanfics to Read for Rarity Day!

    Artist: tcn1205

    Today is Rarity Day, and even a busy fashion horse needs time to read! We've got 26 of them all about her adventures in horseland. Head on down below to read them all.

    These are different from last year, so head on over to this post for the older ones! And thanks to Whisper Ley for scouting them out!


    Slice of Life




    It's The Eyebrows by Lets Do This [2k words]


    No one can top Tempest for long-wearing yet perfect looks. But how does she do it? What's her secret? Rarity wants to know. And then... she finds out...


    Allure of Generosity by PaulAsaran [5k words]


    After months of watching Scootaloo and Spike, Sweetie concludes it's finally time to educate Scoots on the fine art of being beautiful! Scootaloo isn't so enthusiastic, especially given how Sweetie seems to treat her suitors.

    Rarity noticed this as well. She feels it's time for an intervention: Sweetie needs to clean up her act, and Scootaloo needs to learn what really makes a mare alluring. There's no better time than now to teach them both a valuable lesson.


    Cold Nights And Cute Pajamas by Enigmatic Otaku [3k words]


    Twilight and Rainbow Dash are visiting Rarity. However, when the first snows of winter suddenly fall--rather than let her friends trudge through the cold on their way home--Rarity invites the two to stay the night at her place.

    What started off as a fun night for the three will soon spiral into an embarrassing evening for Rainbow Dash, especially after Rarity unveils to them her newest line of animal-inspired sleepwear.


    Generosity Travels by Bookish Delight [10k words]


    When Coco Pommel is summoned to Ponyville, she encounters the last thing she thought she'd ever see: a Rarity who has completely lost the passion for her profession.

    Moved by Rarity's plight, Coco will do everything she can to bring the sparkle back to her friend. But will she, an almost complete outsider to Rarity's life, be enough?


    Hay-oh, Welcome to Hayburger by MyHobby [6k words]


    Rarity works at Hayburger. Not necessarily by choice, mind you. It's just temporary. Very, very temporary. But not the least bit temporary enough.

    Pinkie Pie is searching for something. She stops at Ponyville on a whim, or maybe that's the tingly feeling in her tail talking. She decides to meet some ponies. What better place to begin her quest than at Hayburger?


    Advanced Preparations by Undome Tinwe [1k words]


    The morning after Twilight's ascension, she and Rarity have tea together to discuss the future.


    Hoofticuffs Day by Estee [8k words]


    Every holiday has its aftermath and for Rarity, the day after Hearth's Warming means a well-established groove of frustration leading a parade of ponies into the Boutique. But she has absolute confidence in her ability to get through it. She's heard the songs, she knows what the most threadbare of floats looks like... having it happen every year just allows her to benefit from experience.

    For example, the myriad of seasonal murder fantasies now know exactly which vital arteries to strike.









    Barrelled Up by KitsuneRisu [2k words]


    When Rarity sees Applejack hanging out by a certain building in town more and more, she can't help but to confront the little farmer and find out exactly what's going on...


    Pop by ocalhoun [1k words]


    If you woke up in Equestria as your pony, what's the first thing you would do?

    Tabitha St. Germain: "I'd pop bubble wrap with my unicorn horn!"

    Unfortunately, Derpy Hooves has a problem with that. Bubbles are serious business.


    Blinded by Fashion by Esle Ynopemos [15k words]


    It is not a fun week to be Rarity. She has an important photo-shoot to prepare for. She needs to scramble to put together a dress before a big deadline. And for some reason all her friends seem to think she is romantically involved with the local librarian.

    Oh, yes, and she has gone blind.

    Now Rarity learns just how many mud puddles one can step in around Ponyville, just how pointy her needles are, and just how many things there are around her place that exist solely to bang her fetlocks on. ...And presumably something about the strength of friendship, and the perseverance of the pony spirit, and what not, but come on, invisible mud puddles!


    A Personal Touch by Graymane Shadow [2k words]


    As a pony working the world of high fashion, Rarity knows how important reputation is. That's why she strives to make sure every client feels cared for - and that her employees do the same.

    The only trouble is that a few ponies are raving about the dresses Rarity personally designed for them.

    Ponies that Rarity has no recollection of meeting.


    Antagony by Regidar [1k words]


    While having tea with Fluttershy, Rarity notices that there is somewhat of an ant problem in her friend's cottage.

    Inquiries into why this is the case are more difficult than expected.









    Highs and Lows by Soufriere [1k words]


    It's cold outside. Snow is falling. Sunset Shimmer is only vaguely aware of this, pacing or dancing or something in the middle of a park. But she's dressed as if it were not below freezing. Concerned, Rarity takes the girl in. What follows is Sunset's unsuccessful attempt to explain her addled mind. We think.


    Dear Sweetie Belle by  Jade Ring [5k words]


    After an accident robs them of their parents, Rarity writes Sweetie Belle a letter laying bare a secret kept all the little unicorn's life.


    Mayflies by Cola_Bubble_Gum [2k words]


    "Do you know what a mayfly is, Twilight?"

    It's been six years since Spike met Rarity, and nothing's changed.

    Nothing he knows about, anyway.


    Symbiosis by Silent Whisper [3k words]


    Just keep walking. So long as the sun is on your right, you'll stay alive. Just keep walking.


    Whispers in the Dark by Shaslan [3k words]


    Rarity is trapped in a nightmare she cannot escape. The rooms of Carousel Boutique stretch on forever, and something dark and slithering dogs her footsteps. Where is Sweetie Belle?


    Once Upon a December by FlimFlamBros. [37k words]


    What if you had everything taken away from you? Your friends, your love, your life, everything gone in a flash of fire? What if you had a chance to save one of them? Just one of them, would you do it? And if so, how would you choose? These are the questions Rarity must face as she walks into the frozen nightmare of a Hell gone cold and face the consequences of her choice. For when you can only save one, how can you choose?

    A great way to get into the holiday spirit!


    Bears in the Woods by Seer [1k words]


    “Twilight, do you ever wonder what’s out there?” Rarity piped up, "Because I heard there are bears in the woods."









    Rarity's Lucky Charm by Monochromatic [5k words]


    When Rarity accidentally breaks a mirror, Pinkie decides there's only way to save her crush from seven years of bad luck.

    Obviously, the solution is becoming Rarity's personal anti-bad luck bodyguard.


    Dense as Diamonds by River Road [7k words]


    Twilight knows that Rarity is a hopeless romantic, experienced through countless romance novels.

    Twilight knows that Rarity has had some bad experiences with romance and courtship.

    Twilight knows that Rarity still dreams of somepony to properly sweep her off her hooves.

    Twilight has no idea how Rarity keeps missing the hints she keeps dropping.


    Mate in Five Moves by Karrakaz [19k words]


    Friends who play together, stay together. That was the philosophy Rarity had in mind when she suggested she and Pinkie play a game of chess every week. Unfortunately for Rarity, however, Pinkie has a habit of changing the rules.


    Don't Want Perfection by Shortmane [4k words]


    Rarity just had a perfect date with a perfect colt! But something isn’t right.

    She goes to her old childhood journal for inspiration. As she reads she notices a trend.

    Hmm, she sure did write about Applejack a lot…


    An Article on Unconventional Romance by HapHazred [8k words]


    Rarity Writes is a monthly article featured in the Hooves and Hemlines magazine, and Rarity couldn't be prouder. After all, if there was one thing she could talk about, it was fashion, right? And free publicity is always great.

    Unfortunately, it didn't take long for her to run out of ideas. Luckily for her, she finds some interesting subject material in her best friend's relationship.









    Passion by Undome Tinwe [4k words]


    Twilight is forced to condemn her lover Rarity to death to take away the sins of the world.









    As Long as the Earth's Orbit by Cynewulf [8k words]


    Luna's return and Twilight's ascension to rulership of Equestria helped usher in an age of scientific and magical innovation. She and her slow-aging and long-lived friends lived through tumultous times of discovery and progress, and now Equestria is beginning its first true forays into deep space.

    But someone has to be out there, representing Twilight and speaking on her behalf. She can't go herself--FTL travel is still primitive and time consuming. She needs someone out there trekking the stars, keeping up with the growing network of colonies. Someone with diplomatic chops, a vivid imagination, impeccable manners, and a lot of charisma. Rarity is eager to help her wife out in a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the worlds, literally.