• Quantum Storey's My Little Pony: Virtual Magic - Trailer Released and Pre-orders Open!

    Quantum Storey has released a full trailer showing off what we can expect in their XR books, creating a hybrid between augmented reality and traditional books with activations on the pages for the actual 3D stuff. This shows off what exactly you can expect if you pick one up. It's actually really impressive what they have available, even if the tech is so new.

    Check out the video below! You can pre-order this one over on Amazon with a August 9th release date if you like what you see. I've included the info from that below too for convenience.


    Take the Quantum Leap and transport yourself from the page into immersive scenes from the NEW My Little Pony: A New Generation movie! THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: 1. A Hardcover Quantum Movie Novel Featuring exclusive, all-new prequel content of Izzy’s backstory! With 18 XR Portal Points—A reward at end of every chapter! 2. A QSXR Goggle! Featuring our exclusive patented mobile phone-based augmented and virtual reality immersion with passthrough AR. Compatible with iOS (11+) and Android (9+) 3. A Free downloadable iOS and Android App Featuring fully immersive augmented and virtual reality scenes from the My Little Pony: A New Generation Movie! Activate the pages inside to Go Beyond the Story!

    • Ever wondered what it would be like to visit modern-day Equestria?
    • Well, NOW YOU CAN, with the world’s 1st quantum movie novel, My Little Pony: Virtual Magic!
    • XR Goggles Included!
    • Pass-Through Augmented Reality
    • Immersive Virtual Reality

    Thanks to Las Noticias MLP For the heads up!