• Pony Plushie Compilation #606

    Kirin Tempest Shadow works ridiculously well. We need more things with that glorious concept.

    Go get the plushies below!

    [1] Source
    TempeKirin by One-Violet-Rose on Deviantart


    [2] Source
    My Liege, your Queen has landed!! by PurpleNebulaStudios on Deviantart

    [3] Source
    by NKPlush on Twitter

    [4] Source
    by wollyshopplush on Twitter

    [5] Source
    by larsen_toys on Twitter

    [6] Source
    mlp Sunny Starscout Plushie Available NOW by CINNAMON-STITCH on Deviantart

    [7] Source
    Octavia - Custom Plush by Fire-Topaz on Deviantart

    [8] Source
    Autumn Blaze Loaf by HollyIvyDesigns on Deviantart

    [9] Source
    Return of little wingless Spike by Adean-Eris-Micheals on Deviantart