• Ponies Around the World 2022 - The Ponies! (Part 1)

    This year's Ponies Around the World event was another huge success! We will have two posts for this one, one today and another tomorrow. As always, thanks to everyone that submit their adventures with cartoon horses included! We couldn't run this without so many people getting involved.

    Below the break, find the first half of Ponies Around the World submissions, and all of the amazing locations that go along with that!

    1 DJ PON3 - Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue (Bali, Indonesia) - EddoEditya28

    Art image 1
    DJ PON3 at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park in Bali, Indonesia. Behind her is a massive statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana, the park's main highlight and currently the tallest statue in Indonesia with a 122 meters height.
    2 DJ PON3 - Hellebroa Bridge (Ålesund, Norway) - EddoEditya28

    Art image 2
    DJ PON3 on the Hellebroa Bridge in Ålesund, Norway. Often nicknamed as Norway's "Little London" due to the city's resembling the old town of London, behind her are some centries old houses along the Ålesundet river.
    3 DJ PON3 - Santa Justa Lift (Lisbon, Portugal) - EddoEditya28

    Art image 3
    DJ PON3 on Rua do Santa Justa in Lisbon, Portugal with the famous historic Elevador Santa Justa (elevator) behind her. Opened in 1902 and made by British firm R. Waygood & Co. from London, it is Portugal's oldest public elevator system still operating and is now a national heritage as well as a tourist sightseeing.
    7 Lake Maggiore - Stresa, Italy - XetoTravels

    Art image 7
    Lily and Wingy at Lake Maggiore (Stresa, Italy)
    8 Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Passage - Milan, Italy - XetoTravels

    Art image 8
    Wingblossom in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II passage. (Milan, Italy)
    9 Cathedral of Milan - Milan, Italy - XetoTravels

    Art image 9
    Wingblossom and Milli on the cathedral's roof. (Milan, Italy)
    10 Tripoint - Germany, Netherlands, Belgium - XetoTravels

    Art image 10
    Vani is being in 3 different countries right now.
    11 Nikolai Church Krönchen - Siegen, Germany - XetoTravels

    Art image 11
    Cozy Glow in front of the Nikolai Church Krönchen. (Siegen, Germany)
    12 Derpy in a Transcontinental Railroad tunnel - TwiConnor

    Art image 12
    Derpy inside a former Central Pacific Railroad / Southern Pacific Railroad tunnel at Donner Pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California. Over the course of three years in the 1860s, Central Pacific laborers (of whom the majority were Chinese migrants) blasted their way through this granite rock, at a significant human cost. Their hard work and sacrifice allowed for the completion of the U.S. Transcontinental Railroad in 1869, linking the east and west coasts of America by rail for the first time.
    13 Derpy at Donner Pass - TwiConnor

    Art image 13
    Derpy at Donner Pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California, with Donner Lake visible in the background. The area is named after the ill-fated Donner Party, a group of pioneers who made the final stop of their infamous westward journey here in the winter of 1846.
    14 - Burt R. the Pony Guy

    Art image 14
    Taken at Liberty Memoial, Kansas City, Missouri.
    15 Perfect Pie and Sweetie Blue at Turtle Bay, Watamu, Kenya - Pamfafoofle

    Art image 15
    Taken while vacationing at Turtle Bay Beach Club in Watamu, Kenya in June. Perfect Pie is enjoying the view of the palms from our balcony; Sweetie Blue accompanied me on one of my daily beach walks along the Indian Ocean. Fun fact: the picture with Perfect Pie was taken on the day of my 10-year anniversary of discovering MLP!
    16 - TheSovietBoi1945

    Art image 16
    Taken at St. Joseph Sanctuary near Prudnik, Opolskie Voivodeship, southwestern Poland.
    17 - TheSovietBoi1945

    Art image 17
    taken near the town of Prudnik, Opolskie Voivodeship, southwestern Poland.
    18 - TheSovietBoi1945

    Art image 18
    Rainbow Dash with Opawskie Mountains in the distance, taken near Szybowice village, Opolskie Voivodeship, southwestern Poland.
    19 Gusty at Hillmorton Locks - Rebecca

    Art image 19
    Gusty going through Hillmorton Locks on a narrowboat holiday in England
    20 Amazon - SkylanderDragon

    Art image 20
    Looks like Amazon is hiring Pegasus ponies.
    21 Braeburn n' Balto! - Balto Racing

    Art image 21
    A photo opportunity I just could not pass up while I was in New York City. My favorite pony with the hero in which my nickname comes from!
    25 Only here for the food? (Kumrovec, Croatia) - theOwtcast

    Art image 25
    Ocellus visited the ethnological village in Kumrovec, Croatia, and is posing at the wedding exhibition (the bride and groom mannequins are in another room and I forgot to take a picture there; sorry Ocellus, maybe next time).
    26 Autumn Blaze at Tagebau Garzweiler, Germany - Cabraloca

    Art image 26
    We took a trip to the edge of Tagebau Garzweiler, a surface mine not that far away from my home. It is used for mining lignite (brown coal), has currently a size of ~50km² and got its name from the village of Garzweiler which previously existed at this location. The landscape looks sooo surreal and the machines so small... In the background there is the famous "Bagger 288", the biggest in the world!
    27 Unity licks the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy - Cabraloca

    Art image 27
    As part of our brony holidays after EponaFest 2022 in Milan we visited Pisa! Unity (mascot of German BronyFair) couldn't resist to lick yet another famous landmark. Hope it's not bent afterwards xD

    29 Derpy and Dr. Whooves at Florence Cathedral, Italy - Cabraloca

    Art image 29
    As part of our brony holidays after EponaFest 2022 in Milan we visited the beautiful city of Florence! A city full of art commissions ...and pones :3
    30 Autumn Blaze visiting Head of Franz Kafka, Prague - Cabraloca

    Art image 30
    Autumn Blaze at an interesting and slightly hidden kinetic sculpture of the famous writer in Prague, Czech Republic. The sculpture is 11 metres tall and made of 42 rotating panels with each layer is mechanized and rotates individually. The effects are amazing!
    31 Rarity y Twilight en Guatemala - Shenny Pemech

    Art image 31
    Twilight and Rarity are in the park Paseo la Sexta, Guatemala City, Guatemala. I know there's a rainy sky, it's beautifull, even more with two beautifull ponies.
    32 Rainbow Dash at Indianapolis Motor Speedway - sXeBrony

    Art image 32
    RD at the 2022 Brickyard
    33 Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy at the Peace Stupa of Zalaszántó, Hungary - Leinad

    Art image 33
    Recently started an Instagram profile to show where are My Little Ponies touring alongside the Hungarian Blue Trail and in search for World Heritage sites. Follow me if you're interested!
    34 An Untamed Earth Pony - EddictedBrony

    Art image 34
    Sunny Starscout crowns herself the princess of Canobie Lake's Untamed Ride. Or maybe the princess of bears in general. She won't tell us.
    35 Ice Jet With A Friend - EddictedBrony

    Art image 35
    Sunny decides to take a ride on Canobie's Ice Jet ride and happens to get seated with Mario. She's hoping Hasbro will make a MLP/Super Mario crossover because of this now.
    36 Pics Taken Seconds Before Disaster - EddictedBrony

    Art image 36
    The last photo taken of Sunny mere seconds before getting washed away by the Boston Tea Party and presumably drowning.
    37 Hitch For The Birds - EddictedBrony

    Art image 37
    Hitch gets to enjoy himself as he watches the exotic birds without having to worry about all of them following him home. (Seriously it's the last Canobie Lake picture I didn't get to go out much...)
    38 The First Hearth's Warming Together - EddictedBrony

    Art image 38
    (Taken in 2021.) Sunny, Izzy, Hitch, Pipp and Zipp happily celebrate the first Hearth's Warming with the pony tribes reunited again at the Boston Tree Lighting. They'll never be separated again...right?
    39 Presidente epitacio - SP Brazil - Rodrigo Concolin Message

    Art image 39
    40 Presidente epitacio - SP Brazil - Rodrigo Concolin Message

    Art image 40
    41 Miss Libussa at the Kasteel de Haar in Netherlands - Jaroslav "Jamis" Haken

    Art image 41
    Visiting a fairy tale castle which is also a place for various gatherings, meetups, and events for more than 100 years now is a must for every MLP convention mascot!
    42 Miss Libussa near the Milan Dome (Duomo Milano) in Italy - Jaroslav "Jamis" Haken

    Art image 42
    An ancient dome with a huge variety of things from different ages to see and also a very nice view of the city from the top!
    43 Miss Libussa near the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy - Jaroslav "Jamis" Haken

    Art image 43
    An iconic view of the town which has many great things to visit. Did you know, that the tower is actually hollow inside and looks more like a rocket launch silo? Me neither :) also, trotting the round stairs inside the leaning tower is a bit strange feeling, but the overview from the top is totally worth it! Not to mention the meeting with one of the MLP G5 designers nearby haha!
    44 Miss Libussa at the Cinque Terre in Italy - Jaroslav "Jamis" Haken

    Art image 44
    Italian coast has many beautiful places like this - after trotting around the coast with a group of friends (humans and ponies) on a hot sunny vacation day, this view was simply breathtaking!
    45 Miss Libussa in the city of Florence in Italy - Jaroslav "Jamis" Haken

    Art image 45
    So many beautiful old places in this city, so just one picture here to see all the places we've been visiting for the whole day!
    46 Kotuy river canyon, Russia - Oleg

    Art image 46
    47 Dzhogdzho river meander in a haze of near taiga fires, Russia - Oleg

    Art image 47
    48 Kotuy river pavement, Russia - Oleg

    Art image 48
    49 Izzy is VERY STRONG!!! (Leaning Tower of Pisa) - WiskyTheWolf

    Art image 49
    Izzy and her friends are touring around Europe! Check my Twitter for more pictures!
    50 Pipp is going for an adventure! (Berchtesgaden National Park - Germany) - WiskyTheWolf

    Art image 50
    Pipp and her friends are touring around Europe! Check my Twitter for more pictures!
    51 Izzy travels to the birthplace of the Renaissance (The Boboli Gardens - Florence, Italy) - WiskyTheWolf

    Art image 51
    Izzy and her friends are traveling across Europe! Check my Twitter for more updates!
    54 - Meplushyou

    Art image 54
    Canni (GalaCon mascot) in the Netherlands
    55 Parque de los Novios - Minty Treble

    Art image 55
    Miss Derpy Hooves and Dr Whooves in the Parque de los Novios (Couple’s Park) in Bogotá - Colombia