• OpenPony Havoc Wars Battle Royale Today! - Ponyville Edition -

    For all of the OpenPonies out there, (or if you are interested in making one, now's a good time), a new free-for-all war will be taking place in Pony ville today at 3:00 PM PST! The army of new people that have joined up and made Popen  have been playing around with a spawnable RTS game called Havoc Wars that lets you build a base then manufacture tanks, helicopters, artillery, and even nukes, and battle it out against other people also participating.

    The event this time around will be taking place on the Pony Town sim, meaning the streets of G4 horseland will host an all-out war with little remote control sized armaments that you control just like an RTS, with your adorable pony flying around overseeing it all. See the image above for what you can expect to see people make. 

    If you just want to hang out, chat, and watch the battle, this is a great place to meet other people with pony avatars! We saw around 600 people make them so it has been pretty poppin' these last few weeks as people discover places to hang out and admire their poni. If you need help making an OpenPony, Ponyville is actually the newbie area we posted previously, so it's a good time to do it! Be sure to check out our intro post or dive into the guide. It makes the process of creating your horse relatively painless.

    Anyway, point your Firestorm, Black Dragon, or default SL browser to Pony Town, the Ponyville style sim. The battle begins at 3:00 PM PST and goes until everyone gets tired of destroying each other, which usually lasts all day. The starter set for Havoc Wars is over here, though it's complicated so focus on getting that pony made first which should teach you enough to get the game going!  I'll be around too for picture taking and helping people make their ponies.