• Open Brony Music (All Skill Levels Welcome) - #14

    We have something slightly different today! Two instrumental albums came in, so I'm including both of those first below. One straight out of China from their ever-expanding fandom over there. This means it's a shorter than usual post, so just four loose tracks!

    Get it all down below.

    Album: At the end of the day



    Album: Eastquestria Vol.1 Prelude

    Preview Video:

    Full Album on Chinese Billibili


    [1] Source
    Cloudspeak - Acryliks | Equestria at War OST by Acryliks

    [2] Source
    Harmony in Order by Ben Medoff

    [3] Source
    Evershade - Potions (based on "All That Jitters") by Evershade

    [4] Source
    Rangoli by MirroredReality