• My Little Pony: Sister Switch Gets a Cover

    The "I Can Read" Comics series had a book listed up back in April starring Zipp and Pipp swapping places for a day, persuing the others interest on the advice of Sunny to resolve an argument. We now have a cover for it if you are curious about what kind of art style it will have.

    I'll pop the details down below again if you missed the previous post.

    My Little Pony: Sister Switch (I Can Read Comics Level 1) Paperback – January 3, 2023

    Based on the all-new animated series, the My Little Pony friends go on a new adventure in this I Can Read Comic. Featuring a bold new comic style and easy-to-read text , this Level One I Can Read Comic is perfect for everypony!

    All Princess Pipp wants to do is sing and perform but her sister Princess Zipp would rather be doing anything else--like building something new! So when they get into a minor sibling fight, their friend Sunny suggests they switch places for the day.

    My Little Pony: Sister Switch is a Level One I Can Read Comic, which means it’s perfect for shared reading with young readers new to graphic novel storytelling.

    Thanks to Las Noticias MLP for the heads up!