• Four Specials and 23 Episodes Confirmed for G5's Current Pipeline

    Thunderbird Entertainment has confirmed a full pipeline for all of the G5 content they are working on with Atomic Cartoons. We now have a complete picture confirmed for our upcoming 3D pony offerings, assuming Hasbro doesn't have anything in the works with another company. A slide Thunderbird posted up as part of an overall business presentation lists four 44 minute specials, and 23 regular episodes. With the upcoming "Make Your Mark Chapter 2" on Neflix including 8 of those, it may be a chapter following those, or something else entirely.

    As for our longer form content, Make Your Mark and the Holiday special are known, but we will have to see what they have cooking following those.

    And if you missed it earlier, we have some screencaps from the seriesover here. As always, we will keep you up to date on anything else that pops up.

    Thanks to Las Noticias MLP for the heads up.