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    Description:One day you were living an ordinary, dreary life. The next, you were in a magical world of friendship and ponies. Your new life took a lot of getting used to, but you eventually found happiness in your new friends, particularly the ruler of Equestria herself, Princess Celestia. Then one day, you found yourself somehow saving the world, and Celestia wanted to thank you by offering you one request. Feeling content with your life, you decide to make the best use of the request that you can think of by helping Celestia with whatever seems to be bothering her. But getting Celestia to open up to you about her troubles may be more difficult than you first imagined. Tea for two it is, then.

    Royal-Tea for Two

    A Shallow Pool (Sequel 1)

    The Worst Night Ever (Sequel 2)

    Additional Tags: 2nd Person, You in Equestria