• Discussion: What Is Your Favorite Fandom Ship? - Top 10 Voted Comments Will Be a Poll!

    They may be two ponies that never hooked up in the actual show, but that doesn't mean they weren't romantically forced together by our hyper-enthusiastic fandom here! Since the earliest days of fan content, we've been pairing up the ponies with eachother relentlessly. There aren't many duos that haven't been explored yet.

    What is your favorite best-of-the-best fandom ship? Are you an oldschool Twi-pie fan? Or maybe that Autumn Blaze and Pinkie Pie drawfriend header earlier has you trying a kirin out in that head of yours?

    Go callout your best! We will turn the top 10 upvoted comments into the poll, so go pop a thumnbs up on the ones you like!