• What 10 Years of Pony Fandom 3D Modeling Evolution Looks Like! SecondLife Ponies From 2011 to 2021

    In my journey into OpenPony oblivion over the past few months, I've run into a bunch of other pony models that people still use just due to how much time and money they've invested into them. Some have commissions 3D artists for hundreds of accessories, or just bought things various people sell. Out of curiousity, I asked around looking for someone who had all the models in a single OC, and finally found one!

    Flutterbubber Hollowheart here models her pony in it's various forms, from the earliest "Curly Fride" mares of 2011, to the modern day OpenPony you've seen me spamming here and on Twitter. How has the Second Life community evolved on the 3D department over the last decade? It's pretty fascinating to see all of the iterations.

    Below, you will find a gallery of a good chunk of them, minus a few super rare or one of a kind forms. These are the pony models that were sold or given away with mass adoption in some form. As an added bonus, I also have an anthro section following the regular pony one, where people converted their horses into furry and bipedal forms of various types. Go check it all out if you are interested at all in 3D art! Which ones do you like the most?

    Curly Fride

    Created: 2011
    Modeler: Curly Fride

    Equestrian Pride Pony

    Created: 2011
    Modeler: Mero (mero.collas)

    Combo Pony

    Created: 2011
    Modeler: ScentualLust

    Illusion Pony

    Created: 2012
    Modeler: Falcon Rayna

    Neigh Pony

    Created: 2013
    Modeler: Sapphire (Xanaeth.epin)

    2D Pony

    Created: 2016
    Modeler: Umbreon.Viper

    Flower Pony

    Created: 2018
    Modeler: Flower (farallon.greyskin)

    Sparkle Pony

    Created: 2018
    Modeler: Ruby Fae

    Magik Pony

    Created: 2020
    Modeler: Kokuma (alicexion)


    Created: 2021
    Modeler: H-Mart

    Anthro Pony Section 

    Upright Pony with EP Head

    Created: 2014
    Modeler: Yagi

    Kobold Anthro Pony

    Created: 2016
    Modeler: Krample Broome

    Gmod Anthro Pony Head

    Created: 2017
    Modeler: Xeyra R. Selachii

    Bento Alicorn Head

    Created: 2019
    Modeler: Ember

    Flowerpony Anthro Head

    Created: 2020
    Modeler: Flower