• Ponies Around the World 2022 - Halfway Point Warning

    This is your halfway point heads up to get those ponies in for Ponies Around the World! If you have no idea what this is, be sure to check the main event post for an explanation.

    You are essentially taking a pony merchandise itema nd taking pictures of it in front of a major place in the world, be it the Eiffel Tower or an interesting local dam. It's up to you how grand you want to get!

    Submission info can be found below. The deadline this year is August 15th!

    What is the deadline? 

    Submissions will close on 15th of August at 1:00 AM PST!

    What is required? 

    Any kind of camera and a pony toy, with some form of landmark, major location, or something else of interest. If you have no pony toys, print a pony out. If you have no printer, draw a pony!

    Can I include myself?

    Only if you want to. Realize though, that your picture will be on the internet. It's recommended to just use a pony toy.

    Where do I submit?

    We will be using our submission system.  Simply click the "Ponies Around the World: 2022" event and fill in the blanks with your entry.  Each person gets 3 submission this time around. If you need to use multiple images, collage them together. That works really well.

    If you would like to film your creation and put it on Youtube,  toss the link in the "Page URL" section.  You will also need a direct image to go along with it though!

    A tutorial for grabbing the DIRECT URL of an image can be found below:

    A tutorial for grabbing the DIRECT URL of an image can be found below:

    (Note: Imgur is recommended if you are new to this, but plenty of others allow you to grab direct URL)

    In Firefox select "Copy Image Location" after uploading your image then right clicking on it:

    In Chrome select "Copy Image Address" after uploading the image then right clicking on it:

    This will give you a direct URL. It must end in ".png" or ".jpg".  Example for what it will look like:

    Paste your URL Here: