• New Freezian Junction Area and Free OpenPony Armor Set on Second Life

    The Second Life horse community continues to thrive with all of you crazy new OpenPonies flooding in! If you have no idea what that is, you can find the article going over them over here


    A new sim called Freezian Junction has opened up, adding a neat little frozen north style medieval town over the water, complete with blacksmith shops, cozy hangouts, and a little mini dungeon where you can earn a bunch of freebies to deck your Popen out in. 

    Included in the mix is the star of the show, a new OpenPony armor set that is completely free. All you need to do is delve into the "Trial Caverns" and find it. The place is littered with traps, giant spiders, monsters, and the usual silly Second Life stuff. It doesn't take long to walk out with your very own set.

    I've slapped some pictures and some examples of the armor below! Freezian can be accessed over at this URL. It is a region with no rules against adult stuff though, so be wary if you want to avoid that content.

    @equestriadailymlp New #Openpony Horse armor! And it's free~ #mylittlepony ♬ original sound - equestriadailymlp

    The new OpenPony horse armor! Now with 100% less "ruin an industry with a new way to drain money from people"~

    In the trial caverns, you'll find a standee greeter who will give you a candle to see better in the dark of the caves.

    There are three treasures to find, each a cosmetic for your pony. Only OpenPony this time.

    You might even meet some friends along the way, who will probably try to murder you by pushing you into that nasty lake of acid back there. Popen aren't always the most socially normal of us.

    Also a giant eyeball with tentacles. Who doesn't love giant eyeballs with tentacles?

    Eventually you will find your prize.

    And become an even better bat when wearing it, exceeding even top bat. A bat tier above all bat tiers. A layer of pony supremacy unmatched over the last 10 years.

    Afterward, chilling by the fire in town is maximum comfy.

    And as with all things OpenPony, the armor is completely customizable. Pieces can be made transparent and everything is colorable.