• Kwistal Fwenz My Little Pony Series 2 - Full Showcase!

    The MightyJaxx Kwistal Fwenz line has released it's second set, and as always I like to review toys that actually look cool in ponyland! Especially when they include background and secondary characters who desperately need more merchandising. 

    If you missed our announcements on this one, the box includes all of the ponies you see above, with the chance at a random Nightmare Moon. I've had a few people tell me that they ordered multiple boxes and ended up with a bunch of Nightmare Moons, so she could either be relatively common, or they just didn't mix the boxes very well when shipping them out. Either way, I had a Luna box which I preferred anyway, so expect some less evil moon. 

    Now get the review below!

    Like the first set, you get a pretty neat flip-up box to store them in, though it's pretty flimsy so it's not going to take a beating or anything.

    The figures themselves come in their own separate blind  boxes with a tab in the middle to open them.

    And like set one, they all come with instructions on how to identify them, a character card, a stand, and of course the pony themselves.

    My first one was Lyra, who stands proudly with her little harp. The amount of Lyra merchandise we've gotten over the years could be counted on one hand, so I'm happy to finally have another minty pone.

    Like the first set, butt symbols are only on one side, and the crystal part is dedicated to the mane and tail.

    Second off is Glimmy! She comes with a kite and holds it with her mouth cause pony is for cute, and this set is definitely pushing that max chibi factor.

    They did a really good job on the multi-color manes with that transparent gradient. Starlight in particular looks really well done.

    Next up is Sunbutt.  She comes with all of her royal regalia that you'd expect, and again has a neat gradient in her mane and tail.  They gave her completely unique eyes too. It would have been easy for them to just copy paste the eye shapes for all of these with different colors. I'm glad they didn't!

    Spike is the only non-pony in the set, and comes holding a gem. Aside from being a dragon, he's the most basic of the figures but still really good quality.

    Maud comes with boulder and her trademark outfit. She's a simple pony in the show, and she keeps that trend up here. Very Maud.

    As most of you probably know by now, I'm obsessed with Luna~ She has always been one of my favorite characters, mainly thanks to the fandom since it was rare to see her in the show. She shares a sitting pose with her sister, albeit with a hoof raise in this case. All around chibi-moon is great.

    Next up is Spitfire, a pony that has had almost no merchandise love at all. This gives me hope that we might see more rare characters in the future. Our little chibi wonderbolt captain comes with a whistle for commanding the troops, and an expression filled with  DETERMINATION. Undertale memes are still cool right?

    My final pull was Derpy! She comes rockin a muffin and has no code-name at all. She's straight up Derpy Hooves this time around. Save Derpy won in the end. I still wonder how those old meetings went between licensees who wanted to include her and Hasbro who wanted to bury her. I'm glad to see her come out on top in the end!

    In other news, her muffin actually comes off, so be sure to dig it out of the bag if you don't see it already attached. Mine was fine, but Sombra on the EQD Patreon Discord almost missed his since it was loose.

    All in all, this set is super impressive just like the first one! There are very few little dings and defects, most figures having none at all and the ones that do are so minor you won't even notice unless you really analyze the hell out of them.

    Hopefully these do well so we can get us a 3rd set, or even more specialized figures out of Mighty Jaxx. I demand Kirin!

    You can pick them up over here.