• Discussion: Where Do You Think My Little Pony Will Be in 10 Years?

    Artist: @Navel_Colt

    We've been here for over a decade now, and I don't think many thought we'd still have huge conventions and a constant online presense all these years later. Fandoms tend to wane over time with a very small, tight-knit community that occasionally produces content, but here we are still pumping out hundreds of drawings a week and with major projects popping up all over the place. It's pretty insane how we are still active!

    Where do you think pony will be in 10 years? Will Hasbro keep revamping this current world of Equestria while the fandom keeps churning out content for it? Or do you think people will eventually grow out of it and Hasbro shift gears to something a little lower quality like Newborn Cuties from the older generations?

    Discuss below!