• Discussion: How Different Would G4 Have Been in Earth Ponies Had G5 Style Magic?

    The last few episodes of Tell Your Tale have really shown us what this new earth pony magic can actually do. We've had pollen plagues and rampant growth so far as they adjust to their newfound abilities. They even trigger in water appareently, where kelp becomes controllable.

    How do you think G4 would have been different if this concept existed over there? For the most part, earth ponies were questionably stronger (though Rainbow Dash seemed to prove that she could keep up fine with Applejack in season 1), but outside of that it seemed like pegasus and unicorns always had an advantage at just about everything, with unicorns being the clear victors in the power battle. Would earth ponies having plant magic be the tipping point to give them the edge back then?

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