• Andy Price, Imalou, Justyna, and Thom Zahler Join Everfree Northwest 10th Birthday Bash!

    Everfree Northwest has announced four more big names from various My Little Pony generations for their upcoming convention later this year! We've got comic talent and G5 all over up in here. Check out the press release below if you are curious!

    Andy Price, Imalou, Justyna, and Thom Zahler Join Everfree Northwest 10th Birthday Bash!

    Saying our next group of guests know a thing or two about creativity is an understatement. These guys are right at home around their tablets and keyboards, all to deliver masterfully illustrated and expertly written media right to your fingertips. 

    Please join us in welcoming Andy Price, Imalou, JustaSuta, and Thom Zahler to Everfree Northwest 2022!

    Illustrator and writer, Andy Price has been the lead artist for the incredibly successful and record breaking MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC comic books from IDW Publishing. Andy has also done work for Storm King Publishing, BOOM!Studios, Archie Comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Rittenhouse Archives, LEGO, among others. Other licenses include Adventure Time, Quantum Leap, Dark Shadows, Betty & Veronica, Star Trek. Andy is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School, and works in most mediums. He lives in Georgia, USA where he watches horror films, scoops cat boxes, and celebrates James T. Kirk's birthday.
    Twitter and Instagram: @andypriceart
    Art can be purchased at: andypriceart.bigcartel.com
    Bonjour! I'm Imalou, a french brony and also an artist in the fandom since 2011. I work in animation and I had the chance to design the new G5 characters Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow, and Sprout too! I hope to meet you at EFNW!

    Hey everypony! I’m a Polish-born, living’ in America, freelance illustrator! I specialize in cute and colorful animal characters and work hard to create kinetic and unforgettable pieces. I currently work with IDW on variant covers for the MLP series while also creating my own art and merchandise that I sell online and at various art shows and cons. I'm so happy to be back at Everfree as a guest!

    Thom Zahler is a comic book creator and animation writer. He created the Line Webtoons hit series Cupid's Arrows and Warning Label as well as the Harvey-nominated Love and Capes (recently with new volumes "The Family Way" and "In the Time of Covid"), Long Distance and the time-traveling wine comic Time and Vine. He also writes and draws for IDW's successful My Little Pony series. And has written for Disney Tsum Tsum Kingdom, Star Trek Waypoint and more. He has written for Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man and Knights of the Zodiac.

    Head over to: https://everfreenw.com/guests/ to read about them and our other amazing #EFNW2022 guests!

    Art by: https://talonsoficeandfire.deviantart.com and https://twitter.com/_Venema3