• A Celebration of the Artist Training Grounds in Music Form! - "Training Grounds" by EveryDayDashie

    EveryDayDashie has put together a neat little track all about the currently ongoing event here on the site, the Artist Training Grounds! If you have listened to their last few songs, it follows a similiar EDM feel.

    Check it out below!


    What is it like to be an artist and a musician at the same time? My answer would be that I get to draw for the MLP fandom, then I can use these drawings as ideas for my mixes, and I am probably doing this right now. Inspired by EquestriaDaily's Newbie Artist Training Grounds (NATG), Training Grounds by EveryDayDashie is an inspiration based on my artworks as I participated in the 12th NATG this year. I did not recognize myself as an artist in the past, but there was some kind of energy that kept telling me to join this event even if I could not draw well. With that, I went for it and the first submission did not look right to me. But as time went by, my art started improving and now I can draw ponies that look appealing after a week of practicing. It was such a monumental achievement for me as a musician as it also allows me to expand my variety of content and appeal to a wider audience. With that being said, enjoy this EDM mix of Training Grounds inspired by NATG!