• Short Animations: Champion, Disaster Meme, What Soup is This??, Scientific Peer Review, and More!

    Shorts are a thing over on Youtube now, and Argodaemon has been posting a bunch of them Have those, combined with a bunch of other short form animations below! We've got SFM and traditional here, with varying topics from fallout to silly things.

    Youtube Shorts, click to watch!

    [1] Source
    CHAMPION // Original Pony Animation Meme [Fo:E SOTD] by Kaciekk

    [2] Source
    Disaster meme || Rainbow Dash || [by Rainboom虹爆] by Cosmia's Stash

    [3] Source
    What soup is this??!! [#short by Sak丶Neko] by Cosmia's Stash

    [4] Source
    [MLP SFM] Scientific Peer Reviewed Study by Quillo Manar SFM