• Meetup Map Reconstruction - We Need Your Meetup Groups!

    We've been getting emails lately asking for access to the Meetup Map. Unfortunately, thanks to a switch in our services by Google, the map is effectively dead. While that means we lose a fair bit of history this also gives us an opportunity to clean up the map since its launch in 2013 and start fresh!

    If there are those of you who hold regular meetups with pony fans, please send in your meetup groups! With a new generation going on I'm sure the appeal for meetups is a bit high, especially after the really bad days of COVID.

    Submitting a Meetup Group:

    Remember, this map is for meetup groups or regional groups so please do not send in information regarding individual meetups to be included in this map as those are for the Roundups. Meetup groups or regional groups of all sizes are accepted so don't be shy about sending yours in! If you have a group you'd like added or would like a correction to be made to the map, please send an email to submit@equestriadaily.com with Meetup Group in the subject line and the email containing the name of your meetup group, relevant URLs, and the city/region/country your group is in.

    General Information:
    Please help us keep the map clean and in working order! If there are any dead links or if a group no longer exists, please let us know by sending an email to our submit box and we'll take care of the problem as soon as we can.

    To use the map, simply find your region and click any relevant markers near you to bring up information on that group. It's that easy!

    Important: Be sure to check your whole state or region instead of just looking for your city. Sometimes your state, country, or region will have a regional meetup group you can check which plans meetups all over the area (examples include the Germany mega meetup group, SoCal Bronies, and Ohio Bronies). So make sure to please check before becoming disheartened!

    Have fun with the map everyone and spread the word! The more people who know the more up to date the map will be. Check out the convenient embed after the break to get started.

    Twitter: Calpain