• Discussion: Which Pony Would You Want to Lead Humanity?

    That crazy pony portal has opened again, and this time around cartoon horses decided to go ahead and just invade us. Eventually, due to the superiority of magic and some well placed EMP blasts, we've been conquered. Humanity is now under the iron hoof of Celestia. After about a year of this, Celestia is completely and utterly tired of our nonsense and has gone ahead and opened a free for all election, allowing anyone to write in any pony to lead them into a glorious future. Apparently she really likes forcing surprise leadership on unsuspecting ponies or something.

    You have your ballot, which is just a blank piece of paper with "NAME PONY HERE ______". Who do you write in to lead humanity? Who do you think would be the best of the best in guiding us to a brand new utopian world?

    Pop your vote below and tell us why they are the best poni for the job~