• Discussion: What Do You Think of Discord's Big Reveal?

    Artist: @Deepfantasy6

    The My Little Pony Official Comics just essentially revealed the entirety of G5's magic situation. I'll continue this discussion post below for those that haven't read them yet, but I'd recommend doing it since they seeem to be the big chunky location for story this time around! 


    According to Discord, at some point in Equestria's past, the different equine races started fighting again. Twilight decided to step in and disable magic entirely as long as everyone continued to fight, and apparently this lead us to where the G5 movie began, where the races decided arguing was more important than magic and split up into separate corners of the continent and over hundreds of years essentially forgot about ever really living peacefully. Sunny has restored magic, but Discord apparently liked the new status quo and is actively trying to disable it again.

    What do you think of this overall story as the answer to our "what happened to Equestria" concept? Is this what you expected? Or maybe Discord is keeping something else from us that we will find out in future issues? Either way, Make Your Mark isn't until September, so it's looking like these comics are about it for story progression for the long term. Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss below!