• Cordis Auckland Holding My Little Pony High Tea Event

    A bit of minor news arrives, this time out of New Zealand of all places. I think this is the first time we've ever had an official My Little Pony event there. This one is a Make Your Mark themed tea event happening on the 16th to the 17th of July, starring a bunch of G5 pony themed foods, including chocolate ganache cupcakes with a Sunny Starscout berry theme, Zipp's lime mousse dome, and more. There will be watch parties, storytelling sessions, photo ops, and everything else you've come to eexpect from these mini marketing events the various branches of Hasbro tend to approve or throw themselves.

    Cordis Auckland will be the venue, a hotel you can find here. And with a hotel comes a giveaway including a stay at a My Little Pony themed room, which you can enter by following @cordis_Auckland and @mylittlepony on Instagram and telling them what "makes you sparkle". Whatever that means.

    More details here! Thanks to Las Noticias MLP for the heads up.