• 27 of the Best Fanfics to Read for Celestia Day!

    Artist: Yakovlev-vad

    I wonder what kind of books Celestia likes most? I'd guess she's into adventure based on that episode she drove Luna nuts in, but maybe she's secretly a romantic dreaming of some immortal sutor she can settle down with some day?

    We've got the best of the best fanfics for you all to read, an entirely different list from last year. If you want more, go hit that post up. And thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them!

    Now go read sunhorse stories below!



    Slice of Life




    Dark Country by Carabas


    Celestia brought the storm to heal the land.

    Daybreaker came too.


    For The Alicorn Who Has Nothing (Which Fits) by Estee


    After you've tried to celebrate it enough times, a holiday might start to feel like nothing more than a group of traditions which all chose the same day to kick you. The bulk of Equestria may see the palace's annual gift-receiving ceremony as their chance to show how much they love their Solar princess, but Celestia mostly perceives it as something she has to get through without dying or actively longing for death. She's usually 50% successful, and most ceremonies end with her convinced it was the wrong half.

    But maybe this year will be different.

    One of them has to be.


    Motherly Touch by NintendoGal55


    As a filly living in Canterlot Castle, Twilight Sparkle either wakes up from a scary nightmare, as well as missing her family, or a thunderstorm, Princess Celestia comforts her. Just because she was her mentor didn't mean she couldn't offer a motherly touch.


    Day Dreams And Nightmares by Warren Hutch


    The Princess of the Night walks her sister's dreams, bringing a peaceful night's sleep after her return from the moon.

    A simple little pony tale that will hopefully relax the reader as well.


    Celestia and Iroh Have Tea by Ninja Kraken


    Celestia and Iroh share some afternoon tea and sagely advice over a game of Pai Sho.


    The Old Stories by Thanqol


    There are stories which define us. Stories that inspire us. And there are stories that damn us.

    These are the Old Stories, tales from before the dawn of Equestria.


    Creation's Echo Softly Sounds by Baal Bunny


    Zecora welcomes Celestia and Twilight to tea with mixed feelings. Celestia, after all, was the first pony to ever call Zecora a friend, but she's also one of the few creatures who knows the truth, a truth that Zecora feels certain Celestia wants to share with Twilight...


    Crowns and Mimosas by CoffeeMinion


    Retirement has offered a welcome change from Celestia's centuries of responsibility. She can at last breathe easy, knowing that Equestria is safe in the hooves of a capable successor.

    But when her successor faces a crisis of confidence, Celestia is quick to share what wisdom she’s learned through the centuries, and a few of the things that have helped keep her sane.


    Parent Teacher  by Rocket Lawn Chair


    Celestia has worked with promising young unicorns and their parents for many years. However, working with Night Light, the father of her prize pupil, presents a challenge she hasn't faced in centuries.









    Celestia's Vacation by Trick Question


    Luna covers for her sister's absence.


    Astrocatastrophe by Regidar


    Sometimes unexpected mishaps occur; sometimes you leave your saddlebag at home, sometimes a faucet breaks, sometimes you lose the keys to the front door.

    Sometimes a small star appears in your bedroom.

    Fortunately for Celestia, whereas the rest of you would be apocalyptically out of luck, she has Luna.

    Unfortunately for her, that means talking to Luna.









    Diaries of an Equestrian Overlord by KitsuneRisu


    Take a look at the entire events of Season 1... through the eyes of a Princess.


    The Sun Also Sets by SaddlesoapOpera


    Sunset Shimmer decides it’s finally time to return to Equestria to confront Princess Celestia and ask some tough questions about the treatment of Her protégés. She isn’t ready for the answers she receives.


    Class Portrait by Ice Star


    The Cutie Mark Crusaders get an important talk from princess Celestia after the Gabby Gums incident. Unfortunately, this means that they have to stay after school when all their peers have left. Nothing whatsoever goes wrong in the process and zero extra-credit assignments are given.


    Page Two by Trick Question


    During the first war with Tirek, Princess Celestia sends her sister Princess Luna a very short letter. Although the letter could easily fit onto a single page, Celestia uses two.

    Sometimes the medium speaks louder than the message.


    Deep Freeze by Goldfinch142


    Princess Luna is certain, in her final moments on the moon as the last of her strength dies, that she deserves it.

    A thousand years later, Princess Celestia prepares for her sister’s return.


    Paper Tigers by MidnightDancer


    There is a very good reason that Princess Celestia sends Twilight and her friends to do her dirty work.

    There is a very good reason that immortal, impossibly strong alicorns have a fleet of guards.

    The newest Princess of Equestria needs to learn what strength really means to an alicorn.


    The Last Parade by Zobeid


    Long years have passed, and Twilight Sparkle has outlived most of her close friends. As Twilight's time in Equestria draws to a close, Princess Celestia teaches her student a final lesson filled with cosmic revelations.









    A Gift of a Phoenix Feather by Nailah


    On Hearth's Warming Day, Celestia usually wants to relax and enjoy the holiday season. Unfortunately, her pet, Philomena, has other plans, frustrating her and refusing to listen to anything Celestia says. When Fluttershy stops by for a chance visit, Celestia hopes she can calm the chaotic phoenix, but what other reason does Fluttershy have for being there?


    Open Secret by Monochromatic


    Celestia has one mission and one alone: finding out if Twilight Sparkle knows if Rarity is single or not.









    A Moment in the Sun by Chengar Qordath


    As the eternal regent of Equestria, Princess Celestia's knowledge of magic is without equal. Over her long life, only a few gifted ponies who had a great destiny before them have had the honor of learning at her side. Sunset Shimmer was one such pony: one of Celestia’s best and most promising students. As she learned at Celestia’s hooves, their bond strengthened until they became far more than student and teacher to one another.

    Sometimes those closest to us are the ones who can hurt us the most.


    Celestia Regina by Sledge115


    When the city of Vanhoover rebels against the Crown, threatening to ignite civil war and tear Equestria apart, it is up to the Princess of the Day to step forth and to do what is necessary to ensure that, no matter what, the Sun shines bright upon Equestria.

    And she must do it alone.


    Hedging Her Frets by FanOfMostEverything


    Most ponies see Princess Celestia as a pillar of wisdom and certainty, mistress of her own mind and confident in all actions.

    Luna knows better and just wishes Tia would get to the point already.


    Jolene by Jade Ring


    On the surface, it's an ordinary meeting between friends. Fluttershy and the former Princess Celestia are friends, aren't they? How could they not be?

    And because they're friends, Fluttershy has something very important to discuss with the former leader of Equestria. Very important and very personal. It involves fears, doubts, and the romantic life of the creature who was once Equestria's greatest threat...









    Magic's Birth by The Psychopath


    During one of her many passion projects, Twilight decides to try and track down the origins of magic and where everypony came from. Her library is chock full of various different theories, none of them very helpful. She decides, instead, to ask Princess Celestia.

    However, the answer she gets is far more absurd than she bargained for. An answer so detached from reality that it takes a physical manifestation of it to show Twilight the extent of the terrifying source of magic and what it did to a once-benign world to render it and its inhabitants so fantastical.

    "You were never the first ones here, nor were you the second. We were the second."









    Adventure is Adventure, My Dear Sister by B_25


    Retirement becomes boring once the relaxation fades. Boredom strikes. Celestia is content; Luna is not. But it's Twilight, sending them on a mission, one like they underwent, countless years ago, to pave dangerous lands into something safe. Together.


    Luna's Daughters by SockPuppet


    After the Elements free her from Nightmare Moon, Luna asks Celestia, "What happened to my daughters?"

    Celestia escorts Luna to the Canterlot Sculpture Gardens and shows her the Reliquary of the Heroes.

    Under the statues of her millennium-dead daughters, Luna learns how they lived in the shadow of Nightmare Moon's treason, and how they died as glorious heroes of Equestria.