• UFO Disco Rave PartyFest Tonight! Show Off Those OpenPony!

    Note: If you still have no idea what this is, go read this post and make your OpenPony!

    We have around 300 new OpenPonies now over on Second Life all building their characters and figuring out the relatively complex systems in place that let you create just about anything you want. It's an uphill battle to be sure, but once mastered there really are no limits to what you can do to your pony! It's time to show off what you have accomplished so far!

    This is a reminder that the UFO Disco Rave PartyFest is tonight at 5:00 PM PST. I've been told that a bunch of creators are zooming in with free outfits to deck your character out in, along with an "Exploder" which is essentially an automated system that randomly gives people money, anywhere from 1 to 500 linden at a time, meaning you could end up with enough to go raid some of those 3rd party shops with all the pretty things the $1500 gift card everyone started with cant buy.

    The max capacity for the venue is 200, so be sure to get there quick! There are rumblings of an overflow party, but no guarantees yet. Also be sure to reduce the graphics a bit on your viewer, as packing 200 highly detailed cartoon horses into one area is definitely going to cause some lag on older machines. A few people have swapped to the Alchemy viewer to help with performance, as that's basically what it excels at compared to Firestorm.


    Anyway, toss this link into your viewer to go to the party spot! I'll be there in and out all night taking pictures of ponies for an OC gallery later on if you want in on that too. 

    Update: Sound Bandit will be DJing the party with a 90 minute show. Find out how to enable music below!