• "The Horses Mouth" EQD Interviews Return This Saturday, Starting with ACRacebest!

    Equestria Daily is proud to announce that we are launching a brand new interview series starring some of the biggest names in the fandom over the past decade. We briefly explored the concept years ago with the Friendship is Magic show staffers, and now we want to re-explore some of that along with the people around the fandom that have kept us going for so long. Everyone from the artists that bombard your eyeballs with amazing drawings, to the legends that make up series like Bronies React and the various animation projects over the years, it's time to explore who's behind everything. We are going on a deep dive and you are invited!

    To start it all off, we have the guy that brings you the hilarious Bronies React series every time we have a major release from the show. ACRacebest has been pumping these out since way back in 2012 when the series began as a silly reaction to one of those oldschool Youtube channels reacting to the My Little Pony theme song. A parody of a parody that spiraled into a fandom staple that we still get releases of today! The video is still being edited and perfected and will arrive on Saturday at 3:00 PM PST.

    We also want your recommendations for other people you'd like to see interviewed. At the moment we have basically anyone that has ever been in Bronies React on the list, along with some show staffers from G5, but we need more ideas! Feel free to use the comments to tell us who you want to see interviewed. They can be artists, musicians, video editors, or anyone else that has entertained us over the years. Our current list is pretty huge, but after that, anyone is fair game so don't be afraid to recommend anyone you'd find interesting!