• The Horse's Mouth Episode 4 | Equestria Daily Interviews SomberPony

    Megaspells, Emotional Trauma, and cute fluffy pones in unexpected circumstances. Fallout Equestria Project Horizons is a fave fic of many in the community and stands as one of the largest MLP fan works. With 3,400 submissions on Derpi, there is a ton of fan art to be had, as well as a few side fics inspired by this work. This week we are joined by the author Somberpony as he talks about his fic, and the characters you know and love. Check below the break for this week's episode of The Horse's Mouth.

    Missed last week's episode? How about the one before that? Get 'em here!

    Click the link below to come and join Somber and me as we talk pony, angst, Fallout, and vidja games!