• New Hasbro Amusement Park To Be Built in Mexico - Hasbro City

    Hasbro is apparently looking toward Mexico for a new amusement park. Located in the Interlomas region of Maxico City, "Hasbro City" will be a place filled with around 24 attractions starring everything from Ponies to Transformers. This is a licensing deal with a company called VXT Capital so Hasbro is simply providing their brands, but these guys have pumped in close to 16 million to make it happen.. Hasbro will also be providing support to make sure everything flows smoothly, via a a team of location-based professionals who will be working on the planning, operations, and overall marketing.

    The park will encompass an area of around 9000 square meters, but other than that there isn't a whole lot of detail on the specifics quite yet other than a concept for one of the upcoming rides citing that they want to give visitors the feel of being transported from Earth to the world of robot world of Cybertron.

    Hopefully we will get more information about it soon, along with a planned construction date. We've had a few projects like this pop up over the years. Maybe we will host an EQD meetup during it's opening?

    Thanks to Las Noticias MLP for the heads up. Information from Expansión Magazine.