• Live Interview with FiM Director Big Jim Miller Tonight! What Questions Do You Have For Him?

    Howdy y'all!  Tonight I am hosting my "Horses Mouth" interview with Big Jim Miller, Director of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. You know, the one that ran it for most of its life! It will be recorded  LIVE over on our discord server at 7:30 PM PST and will run for a couple of hours. 


    You can leave a question here in the comments, or on the discord. Ask about specific episodes, ideas that you were wondering if they ever touched on internally, how he dealt with all these years of horse fame and crazy Twitter followers, or whatever else!

    Get a link to the discord below along with more details.


    Need to get into the EQD Discord? Do so by joining here. Questions will be pulled from the comments below, or from the #The-Hoses-Mouth-Talk channel under our events category in server. Can't wait to see what y'all have to ask!


    Missed last week's episode? How about the one before that? Get 'em here!