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    • Twilight and Spike's possible involvement in G5
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    Why I Don’t Think AppleDash Should Be Canon - Part 1
    By: Lili

    I actually have talked about this topic before on Equestria Daily, when we had a discussion on AppleDash a while back. People seemed to like what I had to say in the comments section, so I’ve decided to turn my thoughts into my first ever soapbox.

    I want to start off by saying that I have no problems with LGBT ships in MLP in general, and there are many lesbian ships I greatly enjoy, both canon and non canon. Holiday and Lofty, Lyra and Bon Bon, and Littlepip and Homage from FoE are such examples. So please be aware that I am not trying to be homophobic or anti-LGBT in any way when I say that I do not like the idea of Rainbow Dash and Applejack in a canonical romantic relationship. There are several reasons why I think this, but of course please remember I have nothing against supporters of the ship or people who disagree with my thoughts — this is just my opinion as to why I don’t think it should be canon.

    The main reason why I do not like this ship is a somewhat controversial one (stay with me here, though, I’ll explain) — because I do not like the concept of Rainbow Dash being a lesbian. This is a popular idea the fandom has had ever since bronies became a thing, thanks to Dash’s tomboyish nature and her rainbow-colored mane being reminiscent of the pride flag. However, it is worth noting that Lauren Faust herself did not approve of this idea; she thought it would be playing into the stereotype of all tomboys being lesbian, which she thought was unfair to both straight and lesbian tomboys. This is my first issue — AppleDash as a ship would directly go against the creator’s wishes for her character.

    Now, the only tomboyish members of the Mane 6 are Rainbow Dash and Applejack, and if they are canonically a couple, this means that they are also likely to be canonically lesbian (I am ruling out bisexuality because neither Dash nor AJ have shown any real affection towards stallions in the show). To me, this is where the biggest problem with the ship arises. I think that, in a show aimed for young kids who haven’t yet learned to think in nuanced ways, having the only masculine female characters of the main cast be lesbian can send a problematic message to its audience. They might think, for example, that if they are not girly or overly feminine, then they must be gay, or if they’re gay, they must be masculine and not feminine. As adults, we’re able to know that what we see on TV shows doesn’t always reflect reality, but how are 5 to 7 year old girls supposed to have this kind of understanding? Adults might know that one’s interests do not necessarily correlate with one’s sexuality, but the target audience likely won’t. This message can potentially be harmful to gender nonconforming girls, whether they grow up to be lesbian or not.


    Why I Don’t Think AppleDash Should Be Canon - Part 2
    By: Lili

    As a gender nonconforming straight woman, I’ve been mistaken as a lesbian due to my masculine interests. In fact, I’m wearing shorts made for men as I write this very sentence. I’m sure there are plenty of lesbians out there who have been mistaken for straight women because they didn’t act like what society’s perceptions of a lesbian might be. Adults are prone to buying into stereotypes about gender expression and sexuality, and kids are even more likely to think in these black and white terms. The way children see the world can be greatly influenced by the shows they watch and the characters they admire. Having the only tomboys in the main cast be lesbians (and more feminine characters such as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy be straight, most likely) can give girls the idea that femininity automatically equals straight and masculinity equals gay. This reinforces the stereotype that your interests and personality are indicative of your sexual orientation, which is unfair to young girls who are already exposed to so many gender related stereotypes in the media they consume.

    Many people probably support AppleDash being canon because they think it would be good representation for the LGBT community, and I do understand where they are coming from. But even in terms of representation, I think that this ship in particular is not the way to go about that because I honestly think it will do more harm than good.

    Finally, I think AppleDash shouldn’t be a ship because it’s… just not a good ship in my opinion. The members of the mane 6 are known for their close friendships, and friendship is the main point of the show. Rainbow Dash and Applejack were originally written as friends, not lovers. In addition, Applejack and Rainbow Dash just would not make a good pair — their constant bickering with one another would make any relationship they could develop a difficult one. I imagine if they ever did get married they’d end up divorced fairly quickly over some ridiculous argument. I feel like the only reason why AppleDash was ever implied in the finale was to appeal to the shippers first and foremost. I’m all for AppleDash fan content, but just because something is highly popular with the fan base does not mean that it should become canon in the actual show just to appeal to said fan base. I think that the MLP fan community has done many wonderful things for the show itself, but I do not believe that AppleDash becoming a canon pairing would be one of them.

    So, those are my thoughts on AppleDash. For those of you who do support the ship, I’m glad for you and I hold no hard feelings towards you. However, I personally believe that AppleDash is not necessarily a good canonical pairing for a number of reasons, and that it would be much better if the LGBT community were represented through other ships instead.

    Thanks for reading everypony!


    Friendship is Magic Miniseries Celestia and Luna
    By Double C

    For this miniseries we will talk about Celestia and Luna

    The royal sisters have been important part in the Mane 6 journey through the series both in the show and comics. But just they are retired that doesn’t mean that their tale has to end. There are many things they could do besides enjoying all the activities retirees do.
    The most obvious one is the origins both them and the alicorns. Fans have been coming with their own theories about their family like their parents. The other is how alicorns come to be from both birth and transformation. Hopefully we’ll see both when the Mane 5 discover both of these especially if Sunny will become a permanent or temporary alicorn. I hope we will see any alicorns who are related to Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Twilight, and perhaps Luster.

    The one thing I would have liked to see is Celestia’s relationship with Spike. I feel he secretly hates her because Celestia seem to show no concern or love to him as she goes with Twilight and her friends. It also doesn’t help of why she gave him to Twilight instead of returning him to the dragon lands after he was hatched. If Twilight knew this, she would freak-out and tries to get them to be both friends and family. I feel like she could finally give him both the answer to his purpose and her love when Spike hit an all-time low. Celestia’s confession would finally give Spike confidence in his purpose and accepting his adopted family as his own.

    You know if the creators paired the sister, then they would not have retired. But even though they are retired, some fans still ship them since they are still good looking. While I can somewhat see this happening but some believe they should be paired with natural born alicorns due to them being immortals. But Bluecatcinema has written about this issue in Seeking Eternity when his two OCs Gothic and Shine Paladin found the Golden Phoenix of Immortality that granted them immortality. If there are any artifacts like this or even a Holy Grail exists, then the sisters would feel happy. I would like to thank Itcheeee for liking Luna and Prince Firefly being paired especially if his firefly friends help them get together. Fans have made theories for how Celestia can be reunited with Mirror Sombra like Christina Keating and Snoopy 7c7 on YouTube.

    Also despite being retire, could they still help out not only the Mane 6 but also the next generation like Luster Dawn and, if they or one in Gen 5, the Mane 5? Twilight could still talk to Celestia for more advice about things that she never talked about. I can see Luster, the Mane 6 children, and other young ones asking for advice when they need some assistance. Hopefully both Celestia and Luna appear in Gen 5 to help Sunny and her friends restore harmony.

    If one thing Celestia and Luna feared is Twilight and Spike ending up like them. While I do agree that their relationship is good in the last episode but again their always one thing that can have the new ruler and her advisor get at each other’s throat. Maybe that’s why Celestia wanted not just Twilight but Spike to make new friends so they have someone to help them when that moment comes. Also I think she wants them to eventually find their special someone to help them as well.


    Twilight and Spike's possible involvement in G5
    By: FlareGun45

    Hey, brahs! It's been quite a while hasn't it? So after watching Make Your Mark, guess who has another batch of theories? Some things never change, huh? XP Be aware, this soapbox does have spoilers!

    So, when I first saw that villain, that Nightmare-like villain, yunno who my first guess was? Twilight. Princess Twilight Sparkle gone Twinananas! Why do I think it's her? Well, as a pony who's HUGE on friendship, I don't think losing her friends really did her good, like not at all. She probably became so desperate or alone, and maybe either snapped or messed with dark magic.

    I know this Nightmare Twilight doesn't look that much like Twilight, but Nightmare Moon looked pretty different from Luna as well. Maybe this is might reflect on Sunny Starcoat's lesson on losing her own dad, her very best friend. That would make a pretty deep episode, but this generation does look like it can touch into deep territory, especially if it implied death in the pilot!

    Now like any major theory I have, of course Spike is involved, and you're right: I do believe Spike is the one who sent that egg to Maretime Bay! Was it by accident, or on purpose? I have no clue. Is this dragon a descendent or his, a son, a grandson, a great-grandson - that is also uncertain. But I do think that Spike send that egg to both teach Sparky friendship, and also have the ponies learn a great deal of friendship themselves.

    Not only that, but if Twilight has gone bad due to the loss of her friends, the only thing that wouldn't make her snap was Spike, which could mean that he might've left her side at one point, and went off on his own, and because of that, no one could help her, and thus, Nightmare Sparkle is born in this world! So this egg could be his plan on saving his friend!

    Who would think that two veterans from an older generation would have the biggest friendship conflict yet in a newer generation? Let's see how this turns out!

    Also, I really hope Sparky is blood-related to Spike. The Spike bloodline must live on!