• Bring Your New OpenPonies for a Second Life UFO Disco Rave PartyFest on Friday!

    Note: If you haven't made an OpenPony yet, head on over to this post for details, with a newbie guide and links to the starting area!

    So, you got your pony. She or he is cute and has all the accessories. If you are like me, you probably went a little overboard, but that's all good because we get to celebrate friendship in a few days and friendship requires a good looking pony! To welcome all of the new people to the game along with returning players that haven't loaded it up in forever and saw the post, the communities of second life are running a concert event this Friday for everyone to hang out, dance, and discuss pone. There will be a live DJ and overwhelming amounts of friendship.

    The party happens at 5:00 PM PST on Friday. Put this link into your Second Life viewer to attend. This is a SFW event so be sure to not bring anything explicit. 

    Now go make those adorable ponies so I can fill up my OC gallery that I'm working on!