• Animation Shorts: Plushies in BLENDER / Hooded Quickies: Almost / I am the Man / Who Knows the Name of the Flower... / Ping!

    Short animations are pretty hard to peg here since it's usually a little weird to make a post with only 9 seconds of content in some cases, but they are all still really neat in their own way, even if some are super short.

    Below, get some animations, one 3D, and the rest in classic 2d style!

    [1] Source
    MLP Plushies but in BLENDER by Makaryo

    [2] Source
    Hooded Quickies: Almost -Remastered- (My Little Pony Animation) by Hooded Chaos Productions

    [3] Source
    [MLP OC meme] PING! [by Sparkandy糖磷酱] by Cosmia's Stash

    [4] Source
    Who knows the name of the flower lost in mist? || Fluttershy #short [by 秋季糕] by Cosmia's Stash

    [5] Source
    I am the man || humanized Rainbow Dash [by 阿白不知道要取什么名] by Cosmia's Stash