• Two New G5 Movie Remixes: Gonna Be My Day (Skyshard Remix) [Alternative Electronic] / (AnNy Tr3e Remix) [Hardstyle]

    Equestrian vibes and party vibes, choose your pick, or even better, listen to both! Two new fan remixes of Sunny's song got released recently, Skyshard's "fun and short" tribute, and AnNy Tr3e's energetic party banger. And once more we can only hope for the time when it's "gonna be our day" in our world! Even if we may not be able to "change the world" like Sunny did, maybe just carrying on that spirit and Equestrian values in ourselves is enough...

    Gonna Be My Day (Skyshard Remix)

    Gonna Be My Day (AnNy Tr3e Remix)