• Today is the Chrysalis 10 Year Anniversary! Drawing and Fanfic Event Extended until May 1st

    Artist: KP-ShadowSquirrel

    10 years ago, Queen Chrysalis made her first appearance and was immediately showered with love. Her design was something the fandom absolutely loved, and just a few days later I was already filling up entire art posts with her green and black bugginess. From there we got repeat appearances of her throughout the entirety of the show.

    Originally the idea was to run an event and collect fanfics and art for a post today, but after a lot of feedback, we've decided to extend the event until the first of May, and expand it to celebrate the entirety of the Royal Canterlot Wedding episode. Along with this, we are teaming up with our buddies over at Derpibooru to give badge rewards if you have an account over there, and use the Canterlot wedding 10th anniversary on images you submit with them.

    You can now draw Chrysalis, Shining Armor, or Cadance. You can even commission art of them and support an artist out there if that's the way you want to contribute! It's up to you.

    On the EQD side, we will also continue to take new fanfic submissions for the event. If you want to write something, get it going by May 1st and send it in with a link to either Google Docs or Fimfiction.

    Submissions close at 12:00 PM on May 1st. Send them into Submit@equestriadaily.com with - CHRYSALIS 10TH ANNIVERSARY as the subject, followed by what it is, so CHRYSALIS 10TH ANNIVERSARY - FANFICTION for the fanfiction sectionand CHRYSALIS 10TH ANNIVERSARY - ART for art. (Include a Deviant Art, Twitter, Derpibooru, or whatever link).

    Hopefully we can celebrate the queen properly with some extra time! And in other news, thanks a ton to Cheezedoodle96 for the Chryssy banner!