• Synopsis, Covers, and Artist Revealed For My Little Pony G5 Comic #3

    We have the synopsis, covers, writers, and artists revealed for the 3rd g5 comic! It's a Big reveal this time, so expect some spoileryness below!



    (Writer) Celeste Bronfman
    (Artist) Robin Easter
    (Cover artist) JustaSuta
    With Discord on the loose, Izzy, Sunny, and Pipp hunker down to look for clues! And Detective Zipp is on the case, too, right? Well... not when Queen Haven is away at a royal conference and needs a babysitter for her beloved Cloudpuff. But Zipp ends up pulling double duty when Cloudpuff goes missing, too! Enlisting Hitch and his critter-whispering prowess, Zipp and Hitch set out to find Cloudpuff before Queen Haven returns. And hopefully dig up a clue or two on Discord while they're at it.
    Release date: Jul 27, 2022