• Rarity x Spike Music: SpinScissor - Marshmallow Girl [Electro Pop/Synthpop]

    With that title, you already know you're in for something good. And then you look at that beautiful cover art edit. And then you're thinking "New release by SpinScissor". And then you read "prequel to Boutique Fire" in the description. Okay, I think you got the picture now, this is a new shining example of pony music! Pony vocal chops, vocals singing a love song about the tender and nostalgic couple, and a creative instrumental matching the creativity of the vocals! I'm especially fond of those short screamo-like parts, personally! Hopefully you'll find your fill with this, too! Rarityyyyy! We love you!

    And Happy Walpurgis Night to all the fellow witchcraft aficionados who celebrate tonight!