• Midnight Mares Releases Remastered 5 Minute Preview

    For everyone out there following the Midnight Mares series, episode one looks to be nearing ever closer. The initial 5 minute preview released 3 months ago has been remastered and had a few new extended scenes and cuts within. Hopefully we will get to see what this show has to offer once it drops the first installment!

    Check out the presser and preview below.

    Press Release:

    Midnight Mares Pilot Episode First Five Minutes "Director's Cut" with Big Reveal!

    April 18, 2022 - Midnight Mares' YouTube channel has just uploaded a remastered first 5+ minutes of its pilot episode yesterday evening. This "director's cut" includes never-before-seen animation and special effects, along with a big reveal! In order to receive future YouTube channel notifications, please make sure to subscribe and click the notification bell during your visit.

    If you are unfamiliar with the YouTube channel, or Midnight Mares in general, new visitors are encouraged to first watch the 2020 teaser trailer (receiving almost 1.5 million views to date) which incorporates the all new cast.