• Meaningful Music, Remix & Mashup EP: Brilliant Venture - trīgintā EP

    Brilliant Venture aka NeighGative_ always goes above & beyond (and not only musically with Trance, literally as well), and this new special and meaningful EP released on his birthday is another proof of that. An original track expressing the Journey thus far with music, an appreciated VIP of The Spectacle's remix that sounds both nostalgic and very refershing and modern, and a mashup inspired from that certain Invisible x Zedd mashup from SU Mashups that I'm actually very familiar with!! It's a birthday party, with the EP being named after the "3000 years", or 3 decades since the birth of the amazing person that is Brilliant Venture. Enjoy it my friends! And once more, happy birthday Brilliant, and I'm wishing you hundreds of millions of years of happiness! (obscure yet recent reference intended)

    Download the EP from here, and check out the individual YouTube uploads of the tracks on Brilliant Venture's channel!