• Hasbro Running a Live "Stars" Show In August With Pony in the UK

    Live shows are nothing new for My Little Pony. Both G4 and its Equestria Girls counterparts had many of them across the world, from Asia to the USA. We covered a lot of those, and laughed at others due to their zany costumes they brought on board for a few. Continuing the tradition, G5 is joining a bunch of other Hasbro brands in a  new show happening in August.

    The description makes it sound like a mock talent show starring a bunch of different characters including Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Mr. Monopoly, pre-school programming stars Ben and Holly, the heroes of PJ Masks, and finally My Little pony, which they specifically say will be a "surprise that we can't wait to show you all!"

    You can find the ticket page for it over here, along with their full description. The show will take place at Stockport Super Cinema and Variety Theater.