• A Tribute to the Brony Fandom: GrieferPig - Reunite [Progressive House]

    Just the kind of initiatives I love to see in this community of fans, "Reunite" is GrieferPig's tribute and attempt at reuniting the community, after 1 year of being a brony. We definitely need that kind of positive energy and feelings, and I'm so happy to hear that new generations of bronies are coming and joining us, contributing to the community and keeping up the brony spirit!! Read the description for more details, and please enjoy GrieferPig's musical tribute, a progressive track both beautiful and intense! And never worry about being "cringe"! That's a foreign word to me! Be proud of being a brony, expressing your Passion, and feeling love towards the characters! You're rising high above the rest, in my eyes!
    Come on my brethren, let's follow GrieferPig's call and trot in the ponies' hoofsteps! Study friendship, respect and be kind to others, and try to make this world a little bit more like Equestria, one kind smile at a time!