• "Slime & Punishment: Phantom's Revenge" Game Released

    The completely off-the-wall comic series "Slime and Punishment" starring it's main pony OC and various other characters now has a game spinoff in the style of those old beat-em-up games that are slowly making a comeback on the indie side of the gaming world. The description is a wild ride on it's own:

    Take on the role of Phantom Horn, a katana-wielding slime-infused socialist pony gangster with a bone to pick. Battle your way through mad science pony and war criminal Night Star's secret lab using the power of SLIME! (The many uses of which are so obvious I won't insult your intelligence by enumerating them here.)

    Play fetch with your radioactive pet horse, trade stocks and crypto on your gellphone, marry your sword, and dab on the corpses of more than 50 unique enemies as you carve a bloody path toward vengeance.

    You'll need to manage your resources carefully to survive the gauntlet. A single slip up could cost Phantom his life, or worse. How much are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of... REVENGE?

    If that sounds like a good time to you, you can play it over here!