• Reddit's r/Place Returns On April 1st - The Pony Wars Return?

    Reddit's social experiement from April Fools of 2017 is making it's grand return this year on the same date, with it's all-out pixel wars garunteed to be a big part of everyone's early april experience! Back in 2017, a bunch of pony fans helped keep that Rainbow Dash up there alive with communities around the fandom banding together to make sure she stayed in-tact. It requires a literal internet army to preserve something when anyone can come wipe it out at any time, and dashie survived.

    We've had a bunch of people begging us to post this in hopes that people can come together once again to slap a cartoon horse up there, so consider this your heads up! I don't have anyone planning a project around it yet, but maybe one of you would like to get started in the comments below? Which pony should dominate this time around?

    I'm slapping Littleshy's video on the topic below if you want a view on what happened last time!