• Random My Little Pony Merchandise: Scissors, Cake, Backpacks, Sweatpants, and more!

    It's random merch time! We've got the cake finally. I'm surprised it took so long. Grocery stores serving up pony cake was a staple of G4!

    Head on down below for that, and way more random merch. Hasbro has merchified EVERYTHING!

    G5 Box

    Found at: Cdnon
    Found by: Shooting Tornado

    G5 Plush Clock

    Found at: Amazon

    G5 Aquamosaic Set

    Found at: Simba Trade
    Found by: Eve

    G5 Mirror Box Set

    Found at:Emago
    Found by: Freyo

    G5 Puzzle Sets

    Found at: Amazon Link 1 / Link 2
    Found by:

    Wrapped G5 Easter Egg

    Found at:Tendaatacado

    Sticker Scenes My Little G5 Pack

    Found at: Book Depository
    Found by: Freyo

    Coloring and Activity book

    Found at: Book Depository

    G5 Domino Set

    G5 Bath Tabs and Bath Bombs

    Found at: Kemis Link 1 / Link 2
    Found by: Eve

    G5 Tissues

    Found at: Kemis

    G5 Light Up Hitch Stand

    Found at: Wildberries

    G5 Backpack

    Found at: Kite Shop

    G5 Scizzors

    Found at: Kite Shop

    Follow Your Heart G5 Sweatpants

    Found at:Detmir

    G5 Cake Decorating Set

    Found at: Tordiabi

    Backpack Hair Accessory Set

    Found at: Bigw

    Coloring and Activity Book

    Found at: Shopee

    Plates and Bowls

    Found at: Wildberries