• Nostalgic Flutterwubs Remake: Blaze - Sleepy Hooves 2022 [Dubstep]

    This totally slipped past my radar, but apparentky a remake of Sleepy Hooves, an original track from Blaze that I effectively discovered in 2014 the year I became a brony, has been released on Soundcloud, and oh my gosh, that play with Fluttershy's voice, that picthed-down effect when she sings "time to go to beee~~eed", is SO powerful, that kind of melodic play with a pony's voice is exactly the most emotional things for me in pony music, ever since Clouds VIP. For nostalgia, pony emotion, and a much Fluttertastic moment, please enjoy this remaster!

    Check it out on Soundcloud here!

    Thanks Ralsei for the heads-up!