• Discussion: What Flavor Ice Cream Do Each of the Mane Cast Like Most?

    Artist @DoveDonuts

    ICE CREAM. It's what you eat when you get bored. A party in the mouth. Not nutritious at all, but so delicious.

    Despite there being hundreds of flavors out there, many fall into the boring vanilla trap. It's the best selling and with how many toppings and mixtures are out there, this is sad. Expand your horizons I say!

    Fortunately in Equestria, Vanilla is the unpopular flavor. Ponies like a wide variety of flavors just like they have a wide variety of coat colors. Or something. What do you think each of the mane cast likes for their tasty dairy treat? Is Twilight Sparkle a chocolate mare? Or maybe she likes the more exotic flavors like orange dream or pomegranate? Grab the mane 6, or venture into the mane 5, and drop their likes below!