• Discord's Horn and The Theories Surrounding that #2 Ruined Canterlot Comic Cover

    The My Little Pony Comics are taking a surprising turn into a very grim looking past for Equestria. If you missed our reveal on that one, it popped up last week and included a cover that showed the ponies exploring what definitely looks to be a ruined Canterlot.

    We never really gave this a good discussion post, so consider this the spot. Sunny appears to be picking up Discords horn as most people theorize based on it's shape, though it does seem a little small and not quite as long. The city destroyed in general though brings up a million questions! We still don't know the exact timeline between G4 and G5, so it's hard to make any real judgement, but something must have gone horribly wrong anyway, and record-keeping of it was either completely destroyed or hid away 

    I don't know about you guys, but this is a lot darker than I thought they'd go. Oldquestria seemingly destroyed is going to be a very unique plot point for us to explore in the series or shorts later this year. What do you all think happened? Was this the doing of an escaped beast? Was it an economic downfall? A plague? How did the previous world get completely destroyed like this? Discuss below!