• Toots and Sweets From the Generation 5 Movie Were Originally Cindy and Dudley

    We've got another one from the Instagram of Celeia Kaspar, starring the original concept for the two Canterlogic factory ponies Toots and Sweets. Apparently they were originally Cindy and Dudley, and Cindy swapped coat colors as she reveals in her description of the piece up above:

    Here's a rendered illustration I did for Cindy and Dudley, two characters you might've noticed in the factory! ✨ (Though Cindy went through a pink transformation in the end) Aaaaand they changed their names too, now they’re Toots and Sweets! 🙈 Oops, didn’t know that 😅 The design for these two was originally made by the wonderful artist Johanna Attia. :) I'm glad I could work on these two cuties with her!

    Thanks to Pipp_Petal for the heads up!