• S1 Songs Medley: Toby Macarony - Old MLP Medley [Alternative Electronic/Soundtrack]

    Toby is back with a new release, and this one will at least make you smile even if you're going through tough times! Why, half of it is featuring vocals by the number one pony only wishing happiness to everypony! Indeed, this nostalgic medley showcases S1 songs and the first half will make you melt with Pinkie's cute voice! You've also got Winter Wrap Up in the second half of course, and the Hush Now "Lullaby"!

    Also for this Valentine's, I want to say special shoutout to all the passionate bronies and people in general, who are fans of MLP and/or other things, and who keep spreading the Passion and feeling powerful things!! I truly love you all so much, and you're the ones I'd spend my Valentine's Day with!